Create a social media calendar using Trello

Trello is my go-to task management tool and I use it for both mine and my client’s social media calendars. Having a system in place for planning social media content helps with organising and keeping on track.

There are different ways to set up your social media calendar board in Trello. It’s worth having a play to see what works for you. I have a simple system in place that works for me and my clients. Here’s how it works:

Create a workspace

Each client has their own social media calendar workspace which means that I could have up to 10 boards of social media calendars for a client.

Create a new board

Make it clear what it is – Social Media Calendar (and year)

Create lists

I create 12 lists for January to December, you may want additional lists such as notes, important events etc

Add cards

I create individual cards with the day and date on them for each month. So, if I was planning to post 3 times a week, I would create cards for Monday, Wednesday and Friday as an example. Each card would then have the content and social media graphic added to them ready for posting or scheduling.

I find this an easier way to see how the month is looking and helps with planning ahead.

Trello does have a calendar view and if you want the cards to appear in the calendar, add due dates to the cards.

Create labels

Using labels is a great way to differentiate between different posts such as platform, status or type at a glance. I find labels such an easy way to see where I am at with my content planning. You can use the labels to indicate whether the post is for Facebook or Instagram, to do or has been posted just by the colours.

Other list options

Now, this system has worked well for me for a couple of years now with a few tweaks along the way. It also means that I can look back over past years for ideas and for repurposing content. You could also create a content library to store content like quotes, testimonials, and tips that can be reused.

Another simpler way is To Create, Scheduled and Done lists, moving cards from one list to another and then clearing the content for the new month. Alternatively, you can add more lists and labels to include your blog and newsletter planning.

What is great about Trello is that you can use it in a way that works for you.

So, there you go, some ideas of using Trello to help with planning your social media. I hope you found it useful.