How to change your Facebook business page cover photo

Once you have created and set up your business page on Facebook, the next thing to consider is uploading a cover photo.

When someone lands on your business page, the cover photo is one of the first things that your audience will see which makes it a great opportunity to create an eye-catching image keeping it consistent with your branding and tell them more about what you do.

Every time you change and upload a new cover photo, a post is created informing your followers which may result in them checking out your page and your latest news.

You can create a Facebook cover photo using Canva or this can be a task outsourced to a graphic designer or virtual assistant who offer this as a service.

Once you have your new cover photo for your business page, you are ready to upload it to Facebook:

So, first things, first, go to your business Facebook page and click on the edit button on the cover photo section.

You then have the option to:

  • Choose from photos
  • Create slideshow
  • Upload photo
  • Reposition
  • Or remove

Select Upload photo and choose the photo from your files, reposition it if needed and save changes.

You can now add a description to the image. This is a good opportunity to add more information and share any relevant links.

It is worth updating your cover photo a few times throughout the year dependent on your business. It can be changed with the seasons, launching a new product, service, course, or event (just make a note to update the cover photo after the course or event has finished).