My favourite Canva keyboard shortcuts

As a small business owner and virtual assistant, I have tried many new tools to help me and my clients. I will give them a go and then decide if it’s the right tool for me. I am happy to change tools if a new one meets my needs and is cost effective. One tool that I have been using pretty much from the beginning is Canva. I love using Canva and I find it easy to use and ideal for creating social media and blog graphics as well as creating freebie PDF’s and workbooks. Now over the years, I have picked up a few shortcuts and they have become second nature to me. I love sharing little tips, tricks and shortcuts and here are some of my favourites.
Text Box
Pressing the letter T will bring up a text box on your design. This has got to be one of my most used shortcuts and I can’t remember the last time I selected the Text section in the dashboard.
Pressing the letter R will bring up a rectangle or square on your design and there are so many things that you can do with this shape.
Pressing the letter C will bring up a circle on your design and is another handy shape although not as versatile as a rectangle.
Pressing the letter L will bring up a line and the top toolbar will give you a few more options with the weight, style and shape at the ends. This is not one of the shortcuts that I use as often as the others, but it is starting to make its mark.
Other handy shortcuts
There are a few other shortcuts that are handy to know which involve just a few more keys.
Bold and italic text
Highlight the text and press CMD/CTRL and the letter B for bold or the letter I for italics. Highlighting the text and pressing the keys again will return the text to its regular style.
Select all elements
Press CMD/CTRL and the letter A, handy for keeping all elements the same size or copying to another page for example. Now there are many more keyboard shortcuts that you can use on Canva but these are the ones that I use pretty every day and find quick and easy to use. Do you use Canva shortcuts, which ones do you use?