5 tips to help keep on track when working from home

One of the joys of working from home is having greater flexibility and control over your day, but have you noticed other factors crop up when you do work from home?

The lockdowns were a challenge for many as working from home has meant dealing with technology, housework, childcare and for some, home-schooling. All of which can have an impact on your productivity and work.

Here are some tips to help you keep on track when working from home:

Have a dedicated workspace

Set aside a place in your home as your work area with all the equipment and stationery that you will need to complete your tasks. Having an area that is neat and tidy helps to get in the right mode for working. It is also nice to be able to switch off the computer and close the door and focus on other things when you have finished for the day.

Have set working hours

Being self-employed and escaping from the 9-5 grind to have more flexibility is not always how it turns out. You may find yourself working longer hours or at the weekends.

Having some routine and set hours will keep you keep focused. If you are better off working early in the morning,  having a break to go to the gym, then do that. If you are better working later and can spend time with your family in the morning, then do that. Being flexible and working at times that suit you is why so many people work from home.

Plan out your day

Have your plans for the day written out the day before. Use your calendar to plan out the week and include personal tasks and breaks. Make it easy to see what the tasks are by colour coding.

Use a to-do list

Whether it is a pen and piece of paper or an online tool, a list of the tasks for completing will help you keep on track. There are so many different to-do list tools and find one that works for you. Focus on the important tasks first. Quick win tasks are great to do when you are flagging and will help give you a boost when you cross a few off your list.

Work-Life Balance

It is important to schedule some breaks so you can recharge your batteries. Have your lunch away from your workspace and go for a walk. Take the time to switch off and get ready for a productive afternoon.

At the end of your working day, give your to-do list a once-over. Transfer any tasks still to be completed over to the next day. If they can be delegated to someone else to do, hand them over.

How do you go about organising your day when you work from home?