Facebook page or group: What is the difference?

Last week, I did an online presentation for a local networking group that I belong to. The topic was an Introduction to Facebook groups, and I spent some time talking about the differences between a Facebook page and a group.

A Facebook page creates a public presence of your business and is a place to provide business updates and information. Two-thirds of Facebook users visit a local business page at least once a week.

A Facebook group is a private place for your fans and customers. It is a place where you can learn more about your customers and they can also learn more about you and your business. The focus of a group is more on discussions and creating a loyal, authentic online community.

It has been noticed that Facebook is prioritising group posts in your newsfeed more than page posts together with updates and changes being made to groups.

When it comes to interacting with your audience, it is easier in your group as the members have chosen to join the group based on their interest or need and so will be more likely to be engaged with the conversations in the group.

Having a group does take a lot of time, effort, and commitment while you are creating and building your community. As the group owner and admin, you will need to lead by example by creating posts, going live, encouraging engagement in the group, and keeping an eye on member’s following the rules.

You can add moderators and admin to help you with accepting group members and following the group rules to give you more time to focus on the content and engagement within the group.

I wouldn’t advise setting up a group just for the sake of it. Spend time making notes about what you want from the group and how it will help your business. Think about what you want your group members to do next – buy your product or services, sign up to your mailing list, join your events and classes.

Be clear with what your group is about. Knowing the purpose of the group will help with the content created.

It is important to have different content on your page and in your group. Your page will have posts with updates and news about your business. Whereas your group posts will be on a more personal and sociable level.

Facebook pages are for broadcasting and groups are for conversations. Running a group isn’t for everyone, but businesses should probably consider having both.